Saddle Bronc Riding
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Saddle Bronc Riding

Date: Oct 18 - Oct 20, 2024
When to watch:
Friday 7:30pm
Saturday 7:30pm
Sunday 4:00pm

Saddle Bronc Riding is similar to Bareback Riding, except the horse has a saddle and halter on. Now, just because there is a saddle and a bit of leather attached to the horse’s head, don’t think it’s easy. It’s not! These horses are bred for their athletic ability. They are strong, agile and fast and they would really rather not have that cowboy on their back. If the horse jumps in a spectacular manner, it will earn a high score. If the horse is a bit too spectacular, it’s score doesn’t matter much to the cowboy because he will hit the dirt.
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Saddle Bronc Riding
Oct 18 - Oct 20, 2024
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